During the swim in the Moscow CSKA swimming arena, which was built under Stalin in the 1930s, I watched with great interest the tower jump training sessions of the CSKA youth department. I was impressed by this hard and not at all childlike sport, by the countless jumps, whereby each time the fear, coldness, exhaustion and often the pain over the previous failed jump attempt must be overcome.

The moment of greatest tension is reached when the diver stands full of concentration at the edge of the spring board, preparing for the sudden burst of force-fired jump and the subsequent complex movement during the flight phase. It is this pause of several seconds, full of concentration on oneself and one's own body, detached from the outside world that I present in the pictures of this series.

Anxiety, 2018
Oil, canvas 120x90 cm

August, 2016
Oil, canvas 120x140 cm
Private collection

Concentration Before the Jump, 2016
Oil, canvas 25,5x25,5 cm

Diving, 2015
Oil, canvas 120x160 cm

Diving, 2011
Oil, canvas 60x50 cm