Katya Dronova

I Spy with My Little Eye

Unnoticed observation of children sometimes gives rise to this brief elusive moment, an irretrievable snapshot of thoughtful static and inner concentration. As soon as this moment is over, I stand alone, often stunned, mesmerized by its mystery and romance, by the unspoken. These images are a doomed attempt to bring these moments to the screen from the start.

Girl and the Sea, 2013
Oil, canvas 100x80 cm
Great, 2014
Oil, cardboard, 100x120 cm
Midday at the Pier, 2014
Oil, canvas, Diptych, 80x100 and 80x100 cm
Nina and Paul, 2015
Oil, canvas, Diptych, 60x60 and 60x60 cm
Saturday, 2015
Oil, canvas 100x80 cm
Played-out, 2015
Oil, canvas, 100x60 cm
Magnetism, 2015
Oil, canvas 60x50 cm
Nina, 2015
Oil, canvas, 40x40 cm
Concentration, 2015
Oil, canvas, 80x100 cm
The Dreamers, 2015
Oil, canvas 60x60 cm
Blind, 2015
Oil, canvas, 40x50 cm
Good Night, 2015
Oil, canvas, 40x40 cm
Breakfast, 2015
Oil, canvas, 60x50 cm
Weightless, 2016
Oil, canvas, 100x80 cm
I Spy With My Little Eye, 2014
Oil, canvas 100x100 cm
Star Wars, 2016
Oil, canvas, 100x120 cm
Before the Storm, 2016
Oil, canvas, 50x60 cm
Premonition I, 2017
Oil, canvas 100x60 cm
First snow, 2017
Oil, canvas 100x60 cm
July Evening, 2018
Oil, canvas, 100x120 cm
June Red Green,2018
Oil, canvas, 100x50 cm
Nightswimming, 2018
Oil, canvas, 100x60 cm
Oil, canvas, 70x60 cm
Sunday, 2014
Oil, cardboard 100x80 cm
Premonition II, 2018
Oil, canvas 100x120 cm
The Wind in the North, the Sun in the South, 2018
Oil, canvas 80x60 cm
Twilight dreams,2019
Oil, canvas,80x100 cm
Dreamers II,2019
Oil, canvas,50x70 cm
Oil, canvas, 120x100 cm
7:45, 2019
Oil, canvas, 60x100 cm