Katya Dronova


This series has its origin in the representations of the beach bath Eichwald - Silence I through IV. I liked staying there when the season was over and this place, whose purpose is the bather's entertainment, had turned into a vacant theater setting. The melancholy, thoughtless silence of the bathing facilities, the calm of the water and the reflections in it have particularly captivated me.

The abandoned swing in the midday sun, the incessant movement of the sea, the waves hitting the beach with their constant wind-driven comings and goings and the lake with its grandeur and monotonous indifference, had apparently made a pact. And I realized that things will never change.

Gravitation, 2015
Oil, canvas, 60x80 cm
Silence I, 2016
Oil, cardboard, 80x100 cm
Siesta I, 2016
Oil, canvas, 50x60 cm
Siesta II, 2016
Oil, canvas, 50x40 cm
Silence II, 2016
Oil, canvas, 50x60 cm
Silence III, 2019
Oil, canvas, 50x60 cm
Farewell Jurmala I, 2018
Oil, canvas, 75x85 cm
Silence VI – Last Glimpse,2018
Oil, canvas, 40x80 cm
Silence IV, 2018
Oil, canvas, 80x100 cm
Siesta III, 2016
Oil, canvas, 100x120 cm
Silence VII – Artifact,2018
Oil, canvas, 100x60 cm
Scenery I,2019
Oil, canvas, 70x50 cm
Farewell, Jurmala II,2019
Oil, canvas, 60x80 cm